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TECK June 30 Iron Condor closed (ROTH IRA)

I failed to report opening of this trade when I opened it on June 14. It was such a busy month that I was not always able to report all my trades properly so you can enjoy watching and following my trading journey.

At some point in the past my old Iron Condor closed for profit and it was way before expiration of the old trade so I decided to open a new Iron Condor in my ROTH IRA account.

Here was the trade:


BTO 1 TECK Jun30 20.00 call
STO 1 TECK Jun30 18.50 call
STO 1 TECK Jun30 15.50 put
BTO 1 TECK Jun30 14.00 put

@ 0.20 credit limit

It wasn’t a big credit but I could snap a small one using the same expiration time frame, so I took it.

On 6/19/2017 the call side closed for 0.02 debit and today, the put side closed for 0.02 debit too. Total credit received was $16 dollars. The trade is now closed.


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