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The market back in rally atempt

Yesterday and today’s [tag]gains[/tag] returned the [tag]stock market[/tag] back to [tag]rally attempt[/tag]. It still is attempting rally and it may fail as it happened couple times ago. It still is not the right time for buying new [tag]stocks[/tag], however this attempt may be the bottom bounce, which puts the market into the [tag]confirmed rally[/tag] and we can start investing again.

[tag]Dow Jones Index[/tag]

The market returned back above its [tag]support line[/tag] today. If it sustains on that level and continues growing, we may be at the bottom finally and the worst things are probably behind us, even though [tag]economists[/tag] and [tag]investing[/tag] columnists may be saying something different. The [tag]economy[/tag] may still be in bad shape, however experts say that the stock market can predict better or worse times six months ahead. If this is our case, we may see our [tag]economy getting better[/tag] in about six months from now. Or the rally is a fake as many others prior this one and it will fail again. We need to wait for the upcoming week or two to see whether the rally sustains and turn into a confirmed rally or not. The [tag]volume[/tag] was weak and only a few [tag]leaders[/tag] could be seen gaining today. Still a [tag]weak market[/tag].

Tip: It is not time to [tag]start investing[/tag] yet. Wait for the [tag]market[/tag] to confirm itself. This rally attempt can still fail next week. I would stay out of the market, watch potential [tag]winning stocks[/tag], add them to a watch list and wait. There always will be plenty of opportunities to [tag]buy winning stocks[/tag] when the rally confirms itself.


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