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Trade Adjustment – Realty Income (O) addition

Today morning my conditional order triggered a buy order. I bought 22 shares of Realty Income @ 44.00 a share. This trade increases my stake at Realty Income to 98 shares and I will be receiving $212.66 in annual dividend.

Originally I posted on my Facebook page that I purchased 25 and rounded my holdings to 100 shares. Well, I had my numbers wrong. I didn’t have enough cash at the time of placing the order, so I reduced the order buying less shares. Weill, I am still OK with these numbers.


03/19/2013 12:16:43 Bought 22 O @ 44


Total shares held as of today: 98
Estimated annual dividend: $212.66
Consecutive Dividend Increase: 15 years
Dividend yield today: 4.89%
Dividend 5yr Growth: 2.65%
Dividend paid since: 1994


2 responses to “Trade Adjustment – Realty Income (O) addition”

  1. Martin says:

    CI, I like this company as well and will be adding more shares as it drops in price. Right now it is too elevated. It is true that Realty is shareholders oriented and that’s why I like them.
    Thanks for stopping by and dropping a comment.

  2. CI says:

    Hey Martin!

    I’m a huge fan of O and do plan to pick up some shares at some point. It’s probably the best triple net REIT. Their motto tells me all I know. Anybody who calls themself “the monthly dividend” company has shareholder interests in mind.


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