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Turn $100 in $75,000 in ten years challenge

If you have a small account and wish to grow your account faster than just buying stocks and holding them I started a paid service (in fact a challenge) where I will show you how I did it myself.

Investing and trading is a process and it can be done even though the system is rigged against you if you trade very little money. Fees, regulations, restrictions, all are aimed against a small guy like you or me. So you have to be careful what to trade and how to trade it. Unfortunately, it is a slow process. Do not expect a quick-rich scheme.

During my options trading career, I made a lot of money but I also lost them. Until I finally gave up and started trading options the safe way. I wanted to grow my account fast trading strategies for which I didn’t have enough capital or they were too volatile (like 0 DTE SPX Iron Condors). Yes, these strategies worked and doubled my account fast. I made money in a week or two. I turned $4,000 account into a $20,000 account in two weeks. But guess what happened next? I lost it all in a week!

I returned back to what I was learning in 2010 – 2014 and it works well. It is not a high-flying get rich trading. So, if you are looking for something to make you a million soon, this program is not for you.




I started re-building my account and trading what I learned many years ago. And I started trading from scratch (after I lost my account again). So I was trading a small account myself. And guess what? My account was actually growing faster than when I was trading my zig-zag risky trades. In the beginning, the process was slow and painful, but it worked and my account started growing faster.

And as my account started growing I could trade larger trades, like strangles against stocks like AAPL, or BA. And that was when people started asking me if I can post small trades because they could no longer afford to trade what I was trading myself. And that brings this challenge.

I opened a new account, I will deposit $100 on it as the initial amount and then add $100 dollars monthly to the account. I will trade it and grow it to $75,000 in a conservative way. If you want, you can subscribe to this challenge and do exactly the same trades that I do and grow your account with me.





In this program, we are investors in the first place. I firmly believe that if you want to be a successful trader, you must be an investor. In my opinion, retail investors want to be traders first but screw up and become involuntary investors later on. Usually ending up in a trade they didn’t want as an investment in the first place.

You want to be an investor and have an investor’s mindset first and then trade around your investments.

I had it backward myself too. I wanted to be a trader but ended up trading instruments I didn’t want, hated, or couldn’t afford to have as investments. And I lost money.

Do not repeat the same mistake. Look at your trades as investments first. Trade only instruments you want to own.

In this program we will be doing the following:

  1. Buying and accumulating dividend stocks.

  3. Buying and accumulating growth stocks.

  5. Trade options strategies to generate income around those stocks (monetizing our positions).

  7. Reinvest all proceeds until we reach the goal.


Who is this program for?


This program is for investors who want to create wealth and generate income that would eventually replace your salary and you become financially independent but who have little money to invest. Our strategies can boost this process.

But this program is in no way a quick-rich scheme.

If you are looking for high-flying stocks to gamble your money like the meme stocks we experienced recently or trade instruments for which you are undercapitalized to get rich fast, or you are looking for some adrenalin and excitement then this program is not for you.

In this program, you will need:

  1. Discipline
  2. Execute the plan diligently, month after month, in a boring way.

  3. Patience
  4. Be patient when growing your account. It can be frustrating to sit on a small account and waiting for it to move. At first, it will be a painstakingly slow process. But eventually, it will start speeding up.

  5. Stay calm
  6. One of the benefits of having an investor’s mindset is that it will allow you to stay calm and not panic when everyone else is panicking. And there will be a lot of opportunities to panic.




We didn’t come with the $75,000 goal pulling that number out of a hat. I have been trading options since 2010, and although I was not always posting all my trades and results on social media, I was still recording my trades and thus have substantial data about various strategies I took. I can use these numbers now to calculate any proceeds and expectations. Of course, past performance is not a guarantee of the future outcome, but it gives a glimpse.

By trading a strategy which we will present in this program, you can expect an annual return between 30% to 45% on your investments. That is trading options only. You can add dividends on top of this cake.

If we take the initial investment, monthly deposits, and expected return of 36% (my current return) and plug it into a compounding calculator, and compound it annually, we get a $70,986.56 account balance. And this is our benchmark for this program. Will we be able to achieve this goal? Well, time will show.




If this sounds good to you, subscribe to this program. It will cost $15 per month only and you can cancel anytime if you do not like it. The initial cost is $15.00 after which you will get one month free. Then the cost will be $15.00 monthly. I can assure you that you will make this monthly fee back every month with just one single trade.



2 responses to “Turn $100 in $75,000 in ten years challenge”

  1. Daytradenoob says:

    When does this challenge start?

    • Martin says:

      I already started it. Waiting for my new account funding. When funded, we will allocate our first trade/investment.

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