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Visa added to portfolio

Today I have bought more [tag]shares[/tag] of [tag]Visa[/tag] (V) as much as my [tag]money management[/tag] allowed to add.
Per the plan I had (1) position to open available, so I decided to follow Visa and add more if the price turns upwards. It happened today morning, before the news about banks and [tag]credit[/tag] regulations came up and dragged the [tag]stock price[/tag] down:

09/29/2009    09:37:01   Bought 4 V @ 71.95

Maybe I set the buy price too low. Originally I wanted start buying at $72, but later I changed my mind and set the [tag]buy point[/tag] at $71.95. I could avoid today’s price slump.

Because the market is a bit shaky at the end of this month (awaiting economical reports, job data, company 3Q reports, etc), the stock may go further down and reach the level around $68 per share. If that happens, I will add more shares to the portfolio using trailing bar momentum strategy. Let’s wait what the stock will do in a couple of days or weeks.

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  1. Bunker says:

    I really like your blog and i respect your work. I’ll be a frequent visitor.

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