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We need vacation to rest from our vacation (and trades I made during my vacation)

Do you also feel tired when you return from your vacation and the first day at work you wish you had more vacation to rest from your vacation you just spent? Well, this is exactly my case.

We had fun in Disneyland. It was tiresome, we spent a horrendous money (although I saved for this we exceeded our budget), but we had fun and it was worth it.

One thing, which made me mad (and wasn’t worth it) was waiting time for rides. We planned to visit Disneyland early before majority of people arrive. But we were unlucky. The very first day, the park was somewhat empty and our waiting times were short (sometimes around 15 – 20 minutes). But then the next day we hit elementary schools and colleges graduation times and schools were pushing buses of noisy teenagers into the parks.

The park was literally full of kids. One day we counted some 50 school busses on the parking lot. The waiting periods rapidly raised to one to two hours and some rides we waited for three hours! (The tower of the terror).

But overall we were excited and happy. I have never been to Disneyland myself so I enjoyed it myself (and I wasn’t alone as we saw many adults riding rides dedicated for little kids and apparently they were enjoying it too, since they rode some rides more than once).

Although at Disneyland, I watched my investments. Every night I reviewed my accounts. Some were on autopilot so I just reviewed what happened and if a planned event happened, some accounts needed a slightly active approach, but it took me only a few minutes every night.

Here is the report what happened during my time off:

Trade adjustment – Kinder Morgan Partnership (KMP) addition

I planned this trade and I had a contingency order in place to buy a few more shares of KMP if the stock continues lower and then reverses. It happened on June 10th and I bought 11 more shares of KMP.

As of today I hold 22 shares and I increased my dividend income to $114.40 annually (from $57.20 previous payout).

Trade details

06/10/2013 10:04:39 Bought 11 KMP @ 84.2001

Stock details

Total shares held as of today: 22
Estimated annual dividend: $114.4
Consecutive Dividend Increase: 16 years
Dividend yield today: 6.23%
Dividend 5yr Growth: 7.43%
Dividend paid since: 1992

My next trade was an option adjustment

Trade adjustment – Corning (GLW) put roll over

In my portfolio I held a short August 17, 2013 put position for GLW at 12 strike. This put already became worthless as the stock progressed higher over time.

I decided to no longer wait for expiration day to release my cash tied to this position (although a little cash) and bought back this put contract. Originally I sold this contract for $78 premium and bought it back for $7. Nice profit. For that I sold a new November 16 put contract and collected 115 dollars premium.

Trade details

06/13/2013 14:17:23 Bought 1 GLW Aug 17 2013 12.0 Put @ 0.07
06/13/2013 14:17:48 Sold 1 GLW Nov 16 2013 15.0 Put @ 1.15

If I get assigned to GLW, this trade lowers my potential cost basis of this stock to $13.14 a share.

That’s basically all what happened last week. i am back in the rat race and in a blogosphere.

4 responses to “We need vacation to rest from our vacation (and trades I made during my vacation)”

  1. It sounds like you had a good time. I think it is important to take a break every once in a while from the monotonous work week. Good for you. I recently just returned from a trip to the beach and know the feeling of needing an additional break from vacation. It looks like you have been very busy with trades also. It was hard for me not to want to check the markets while on my trip. Take care.

    • Martin says:

      AAI, I actually wasn’t trading at all and watching my trades at all (except Lending Club, which I do not know how to automate it yet). All other trades were actually entered before I went for the vacation and they just executed automatically, so I really had a plenty of time enjoying the trip. Hope you had a great time too. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Jake @ Common Cents Wealth says:

    Welcome back! I normally feel like I need a day or two to rest when I get back from vacation. I hate that part about vacations.

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