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What is the easiest way to make small profits on the stock market?

There is no straight answer to your question. It all depends on many factors:

  1. How much money you have
  2. What is your risk tolerance
  3. How much time you have to stay invested
  4. What is your knowledge about investing in the stock market
  5. What is your “profit” expectations
  6. What would you do if your investment loses 50% of its value during your investment holding period?
  7. What do you expect from your holdings – regular income? Growth? Or some speculative swing trade income?

Based on these answers and many more you can set up a strategy. Many will recommend you mutual funds. I do not like mutual funds as these outperform the overall market grossly (most of them). I am a strong believer in individual stocks. However, overall, in the stock market, there is no easy way to make money. It would be similar as to asking what is the easiest way to perform a brain surgery.

2 responses to “What is the easiest way to make small profits on the stock market?”

  1. Mike says:

    What was your time-weighted return for 2019? Did you make the 45% that the website says?

    • Martin says:

      Yes and no. Of the three accounts I trade on here are the results:

      Business +64.4%
      IRA +4.0%
      ROTH -24.0%

      So if we average it, then it was 14.8% gain.

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