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Why Motif Investing is a revolutionary trading platform since ETF invention


Pay attention to the reporter’s question in the video:

I want to get an understanding, who do you think is going to buy into this?

Hardeep: So far we’ve got ultra-high net worth investors buying into this, we’ve got newbie investors, we’ve got money managers, a lot of financial advisors are using us right now because we are a cheaper alternative to mutual funds or ETFs. They can build their own portfolio, offer it to their own clients…

Reporter: That’s fascinating!…

Investing with Motif Investing is easy. And if you are not sure which stocks to use you can use a Motif built by an experienced investor, professional, or a financial advisor.

I am not a financial advisor and cannot provide you with advise which stocks to buy, but I am presenting my investing and results on this blog. If you like my approach, dividend investing strategy and mainly results, you can invest in stocks I own myself.

My current account Value:


My personal rate of return with Motif is +1.62%, but I have started investing with Motif Investing recently and invested small money, so my results are small yet.

Go to Motif Investing website, open an account and get up to $150 when you start trading at Motif Investing now. Learn more.

Then you can choose from two of my Motifs I created:

Monthly Dividend Income

Dividend Income


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