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Archive for October 26th, 2011

Posted by Martin October 26, 2011

Funny, China about to invest in bad European debt

In the morning I thought that there would be no such a fool investor who would be willing to put his money into European debt and here we go! China claimed that they would step in and buy European bonds. Thus I do not know who is a bigger fool here. Or maybe China needs Continue reading →

Posted by Martin October 26, 2011

Will a write off of Greek debt solve its problems?

The leaders of EU are debating how to bankrupt Greece effectively and without a sudden shock. They are proposing that banks should write off 60% of Greek debt, but bankers are willing to accept only 40%. But will this write off solve Greek problem? Partially. It would definitely help Greece to balance their budget, but Continue reading →

Posted by Martin October 26, 2011

Market up 1% in the morning on hopes for European “comprehensive” plan

This morning I checked the premarket data to see what is driving or will be driving the market in the morning. And I found an article on CNN Stocks: Optimistic about Europe … for now. So investors are optimistic this morning about Europe leaders who are going to meet today and later on they should Continue reading →