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Archive for June 9th, 2016

Posted by Martin June 09, 2016

Technology May Win In Minimum Wage Fight; Restaurant Space

The movement afoot to raise the minimum wage has frequently captured headlines as of late. Many understand the financial plight of people trying to live on minimum wage. On the flip side are observers who are raising concerns about the negative effects on the top and bottom lines of companies that will have to absorb Continue reading →

Posted by Martin June 09, 2016

Viacom Squabbling Troublesome for Investors

There has been quite a bit of drama playing out in the entertainment space lately as Viacom (NYSE: VIAB) is enthralled in an unprecedented fight over who will be in charge of the $17 billion company. The power struggle antics over who will control the company are serving to aggravate shareholders who were already concerned Continue reading →