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Archive for February 27th, 2018

Posted by Martin February 27, 2018

Looking for evidence of a bias

I advocate not to predict the market and its move. I advocate not to get into looking for evidence to confirm your own bias. I must admit that I am now guilty of doing so. It is difficult to stay unbiased when a trader has certain positions and you wish the market would do what Continue reading →

Posted by Martin February 27, 2018

Powell tanked the market but on a very low volume

Powell testified in front of the Congress and tanked the market. But did he? Maybe he sparked this selling but it was expected. We recovered most of the correction in a fast pace. This recent correction was fast and in one wave and we recovered in the same fast pace… and in one wave. However, Continue reading →

Posted by Martin February 27, 2018

Powell speaks, market craps

Although he said nothing spectacular, nothing everybody already knew (except maybe that everybody expected three interest hikes while he mentioned four) and market went on a selling frenzy again. At some point this freaked me out a bit as my recently rolled SPX calls into puts got into trouble and I rolled them back into Continue reading →