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Archive for December, 2022

Posted by Martin December 31, 2022


  Last day of the 2022 year. It was a horrible year. But I must say, I was able to navigate it relatively well. Although I decided to roll the trades and not close them for a loss, I managed to stay positive and grow the accounts. The only problem is that many of these Continue reading →

Posted by Martin December 30, 2022


  Yesterday, everyone was panicking about the inevitable recession, today, after we received jobless claims showing more people asking for unemployment support, everyone was no longer afraid of a recession, and the markets erased yesterday’s losses. This is a type of market that is hard to predict and expect. And subsequently hard to trade.   Continue reading →

Posted by Martin December 29, 2022


  We had another selloff based on no news, just recession fears. Since most people working on Wall Street are on vacation, this selling is mostly retail. That could be good as it may spark a rally in January.     However, the problem we are seeing is that the market is breaking below its Continue reading →

Posted by Martin December 28, 2022


  The market acted as expected at first and went down, but then rec covered some losses and traded sideways on a low volume. It managed to hold the support levels:     My expectations for tomorrow (Wednesday) are positive and I expect the market to go higher. The trend forecast shows a strong rally Continue reading →

Posted by Martin December 28, 2022

Technical view: iShares Russell 2000 ETF (IWM)

  IWM is in stage #1. The index is trading in a wide sideways channel so far, and even if it drops back to the $165 level, the expectation will be the index may bounce back up. The chance is that the IWM (small caps) will outperform large caps next year. Expect the “January effect” Continue reading →

Posted by Martin December 25, 2022

2022 Week 51 investing and trading report

Last week we bought back a few shares I sold to release my buying power, such as Netflix, ABNB, and Google. But when the market tanked again, I had to sell Google again. However, I plan on buying these shares back. I also traded credit call spreads that delivered gains. I will reinvest these gains Continue reading →

Posted by Martin December 25, 2022

2022 SPX put credit spreads trading review – week 51

Last week we were not trading any new trades. We only had two box trades expiring, and because of the market’s sell-off, they were deep in the money. Adjusting these trades was not feasible, so I decided to let them expire ITM (calls expired OTM) and reopen new trades closer to the money, which will Continue reading →

Posted by Martin December 23, 2022


  It seems Santa is not coming to town this year. We received economic data that were better than expected, and the market sold off on fear that FED may tighten more because the economy is good. It is silly. On the one hand, the investors are panicking on fear of the US economy going Continue reading →

Posted by Martin December 22, 2022


  The market continued higher, as expected. In the morning, we had some sideways moves and rallied toward the end of the day (the media told us that the rally was thanks to Nike… maybe). But we saw a few other technical coincidences that convinced me that this rally was not just because of Nike. Continue reading →

Posted by Martin December 21, 2022


  The market performed as expected today, although not exactly as per the script. Most of the selling happened overnight. The market opened with a down gap but then rallied since then. The rally was muted, however. It was a bit surprising to me since we had a newsless environment and negative sentiment. As we Continue reading →