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Archive for December 14th, 2022

Posted by Martin December 14, 2022


  The market reacted with a huge jump at the opening after the CPI report indicated easing inflation. It jumped up 2.23%. But then it started a selloff, and the market declined the rest of the day. It erased all gains finishing up 0.73% only. Quite disappointing price action. But obvious one. We have had Continue reading →

Posted by Martin December 14, 2022

Technical view: AES Corp. (AES)

  AES is in stage #2. The stock continues trading near its all-time highs and starts forming a top. If the economy hits a recession, then bonds may perform better, and investors will most likely buy bonds rather than utilities. Thus, I am expecting (if that happens) that AES may drop. At the current price, Continue reading →