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Posted by Martin April 11, 2013

How Do You Evaluate Dividend Payout Ratio?

How Do You Evaluate Dividend Payout Ratio?

Today I came across a post from a fellow blogger MMD and his article on his blog “Using the Dividend Payout Ratio to Help Evaluate Stocks“. The author is writing about looking at the payout ratio of dividend paying stocks and evaluating their ability to sustain their dividends or even their financial strength and profitability Continue reading →

Ansys (ANSS) evaluation

In my previous post I tried to describe how I evaluate stocks which I am going to buy. First I was looking at Stryker Corporation (SYK), but further evaluation disappointed me so I decided not to buy yet. The next stock I liked was Ansys (ANSS). My first criteria is that the stock must be Continue reading →

No new trades available

On Saturday I calculated my total portfolio risk based on my adjusted rules: trade must be larger than $800 to lower the cost ratio when buying stocks existing positions must be positive or the total current risk exposure to stop loss must be less than 3% or the total liquidation value of the portfolio must Continue reading →