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Posted by Martin May 10, 2017

How Many Options Positions Are Too Many?

In our group a trader asked me a question how many positions a trader can open when selling put or call options using margin. Many investors and traders avoid trading on margin because they are afraid of it. Margin can be very helpful and boost your trading and results. It can also work against you. Continue reading →

Posted by Martin September 07, 2015

How to use cash when options trading during market panic or complacency

This post is about money management I apply in my trading account to be aggressive and safe when trading and be a true contrarian when using cash for trading options. When I modified my strategy I was so confident that it was an invincible strategy that I decided to go all in when trading. Yet Continue reading →

Posted by Martin August 25, 2013

Effective Money Management Techniques

Effective Money Management Techniques

Have you ever thought why so many rich individuals across the world have immense credit card debt? The main reason is the lack of discipline in managing their budget and poor financial planning. Most of the people often make imprudent use of their credit cards and fail to pay bills within deadline. They fail to Continue reading →

No new trades available

On Saturday I calculated my total portfolio risk based on my adjusted rules: trade must be larger than $800 to lower the cost ratio when buying stocks existing positions must be positive or the total current risk exposure to stop loss must be less than 3% or the total liquidation value of the portfolio must Continue reading →