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Posted by MartZee December 31, 2009

MED bought back

Today I bought back Medifast (MED). 12/31/2009    14:31:53    Bought  16  MED  @  31.2594

Posted by MartZee December 16, 2009

MED reached next threshold

Today, Medifast reached my next threshold for adding next position to the existing ones. I added MED: 12/16/2009    09:57:22    Bought  5  MED  @  33.1675

Posted by MartZee December 01, 2009

Medifast (MED) added to portfolio

Today I added to an existing position of MED to my portfolio: 12/01/2009    10:14:13    Bought  6  MED  @  27.65

Posted by MartZee October 29, 2009

Medifast bought back

Medifast (MED) beats expectations on earnings. The consensus estimate was 19 c per share, MED reported 23 c per share. So I bought MED back at the market opening: 10/29/2009    09:30:29    Bought  8  MED  @  20.79

Posted by MartZee October 28, 2009

Medifast (MED) reporting earnings

Medifast (MED) reporting earnings

Medifast (MED) is going to report earnings tomorrow morning prior the market opening. The stock has been dumped by investors recently (maybe they were unloading prior reporting earnings) so I was stopped out. Since the peak on October 21, 2009 the stock lost almost 21%. When looking at the after hours trading, it seems the Continue reading →