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Posted by Martin December 26, 2017

Our strategy for 2018 and probably beyond

It is time to review our trading strategy and update it if it no longer fits all our rules and comfort zone of our trading. Although this strategy will still be based on the basic frame posted earlier on this blog, it is time to tweak it a bit and – update it. Another reason Continue reading →

Dividend CCCs Link

Over time my trading strategy evolved. I went from chasing high yield to chasing high options premiums and now I realized that it is all futile. And dangerous. So, I am now in a position that I am OK collecting a few dollars every month or week as these small payouts will compound and grow Continue reading →

Posted by Martin September 07, 2017

Lending Club screening & investing criteria

In my post “A bitter return to Lending Club” I wrote that I would be returning to investing with Lending Club but this time I would be very conservative in selecting notes to invest in. Originally, I wanted to invest only a very small amount of money ($25 dollars a month) but later on, I Continue reading →

Posted by Martin January 02, 2017

How I trade strangles

In my previous post I wrote about predicting the market or stock moves and that I do not do it and why. Yet people keep asking me how do I select stocks to trade and how do I trade them when I do not predict their moves and do not study them. I understand their Continue reading →

How you can start trading SPX Iron Condors

I started trading my new strategy some time ago and my options ladder is already fully developed (meaning that now I have expiration every week and widening my spreads). If you’ve just subscribed to my newsletter, considering mirroring this strategy, and start trading it, this post is meant to help you as the newsletter may Continue reading →

Options trading strategy adjustment

Three years ago I started trading options. I started with covered calls first, later moved to selling naked puts. Was I successful? Yes and no. I made money and I lost money. My trading was like a roller coaster. Euphoria was replaced with deep disappointment and anger when I doubled my account in one season Continue reading →

Posted by Martin March 21, 2014

My Stock Rank Picker screener results after 6 months +18.25%

My Stock Rank Picker screener results after 6 months +18.25%

Do you remember the strategy testing I announced a while ago? Circa 6 months ago I finished a work on a screener programmed in Strategy Desk. And I decided to put it in a forward test before I commit my own money. You can read the article about testing a new strategy here. I ran Continue reading →

Posted by Martin April 27, 2013

My portfolio beats the market again

My portfolio beats the market again

Once again my results this week made me happy. My combined portfolio made of TD account (taxable) and ROTH IRA account grew faster than the entire market. After so many years of loses, mistakes and learning how to invest without losing money I am very excited about my results. I hope the results are not Continue reading →

Posted by Martin April 13, 2013

My Accounts Caught The Benchmark Up And Keep UP

I am satisfied with my recovery efforts. All my accounts are up to pre-options loss trading and on top of that they caught up the pace with the benchmarks S&P 500 and DJIA. I monitor my accounts performance on weekly basis and you can see my Weekly Monitor on top of the page. Lest few Continue reading →

Posted by Martin March 06, 2013

Stocks which sparked my attention for addition today

Stocks which sparked my attention for addition today

I typically add new stocks into my portfolio, when the overall portfolio value reaches a certain threshold (see here). Before that happens I accumulate the holdings I now hold based on their price action. At today’s high levels I am mostly waiting gor prices to drop. When the stock reverses for either a small or Continue reading →