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Posted by Mark Pokorny December 15, 2017

How Does Today’s Politics Affect My Investments?

How Does Today's Politics Affect My Investments?

When New York billionaire Donald Trump was surprisingly elected President of the United States in 2016, major stock exchanges around the world immediately reacted to the news. Wall Street was not in session when the first reports of a major election upset were broadcast; however after-hours trading declined sharply that night. Across the Atlantic, European Continue reading →

Posted by Mark Pokorny November 17, 2017

5 Red Flags to Look for in Real Estate Investments

5 Red Flags to Look for in Real Estate Investments

Depending on the circumstances, real estate can have enormous investment potential or be a complete disaster that drags you down financially. The key is knowing when a property has potential or screams disaster. Fortunately, there are some red flags you can look for to help you figure it out. No hard data If you’re buying Continue reading →

What’s Responsible For The MLM Explosion in the United States?

What's Responsible For The MLM Explosion in the United States?

Social security had a deficit of 68 billion dollars last year. They collected less than they needed to pay for overhead and benefits. Could this explain why thousands of individuals in the U.S are signing up as distributors in MLM companies every week? Below are reasons people join MLM brands like doTERRA and Cutco:   Continue reading →

Posted by Martin August 12, 2015

Equity vs. Debt in Real Estate Crowdfunding Investments

Few would question that investing in real estate can be very lucrative. Look no further than Donald Trump who has been running away with news headlines since he announced plans to run for president of the United States. The real estate mogul boasts funding his campaign with money he earned through his real estate holdings. Continue reading →