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What’s Responsible For The MLM Explosion in the United States?

Social security had a deficit of 68 billion dollars last year. They collected less than they needed to pay for overhead and benefits. Could this explain why thousands of individuals in the U.S are signing up as distributors in MLM companies every week? Below are reasons people join MLM brands like doTERRA and Cutco:


Escape from 9-5 Drudgery

Some people don’t find satisfaction in their 9-5 jobs. This is why, according to Workplace Psychology, results-only work environments have been growing in popularity since 2001. MLM companies encourage distributors to aim at personal financial independence. While a majority of those who join MLM companies fail, there’re some who succeed. People who work hard and do the MLM business right may one day afford to quit their jobs.


Desire to be Self Employed

Almost every employee dreams of becoming their own boss someday. Some professionals start side businesses while still employed. But running a small business while holding down a full-time job can be challenging. MLM companies such as Mary Kay Inc. and NuSkin can help you start your inventory with minimal startup capital. Moreover, MLM corporations own systems that handle many business operational aspects for their marketers, making them attractive options for hedging against risk. Sole proprietors in traditional businesses usually manage everything and incur all the accompanying risk personally. Even when a major brand is providing you with a lot of assistance, though, you still need to be careful about how you manage cash and investments in order to keep the sales pipe flowing.


Make Money

There’re two ways you can make money in MLM. First, you can make money selling the MLM Company’s products. Second, you can make money when your underlines sell products. You, therefore, have to recruit like-minded people into your organization continually. Failure happens a lot, and many quit. Those who endure can make considerable amounts of money in MLM brands.


Desire for Personal Freedom

Full-time distributors work for themselves. There’s no manager to give orders. Distributors draw their schedules. Furthermore, direct marketers manage their time. Independent-minded individuals might find the MLM model suitable for their personality.


Networking Opportunities

Network marketing offers new distributors an opportunity to meet and interact with successful direct sellers. Successful distributors may inspire you and other marketers down the multilevel structure to work harder and become successful too. Additionally, you could become friends with some of the network marketers you will meet.


Having a well-paying job is nice, but there’s a lot of economic uncertainty today. Relying on one income could be risky. Fortunately, there are many ways to create as many income streams as possible. But success in the network marketing industry requires hard work and dedication.  Once you’re making serious dough, you’re going to need help investing it wisely. You need someone in your corner to help you understand and execute on investment strategies. Let me be in your corner.

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