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Be A Banker To Yourself – My Way Of Infinite Banking Account

Be A Banker To Yourself - My Way Of Infinite Banking Account

Once I wrote about an Infinite Banking strategy in my “Be a banker to yourself” article. It was a brief review of this strategy. Today I would like to show you how I use this strategy but without a whole life policy behind the “Infinite Banking”. What Is Infinite Banking? If you do not want Continue reading →

All notes in Lending Club current

As I feared on Friday last week that one of my notes may default, the borrower paid today. So all my notes are current. It however doesn’t mean anything, since the borrower may default next time, but at least the risk is lower now. Today I also purchased a new loan note completely funded by Continue reading →

Posted by Martin November 12, 2008

What can we do to save our economy?

This is a post from Hello Suckers As the president-elect Barack Obama said; “It will not be any quick easy fix…” he was very right about it. [tag]FED[/tag] took some not easy, but wrong steps at the beginning of this crisis, which prolonged this agony and started the drop-down spiral, the exact same way as Continue reading →