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Posted by Martin February 13, 2013

New Trade – MBIA Inc (MBI) put selling

New Trade - MBIA Inc (MBI) put selling

Today I execute the trade on MBIA Inc (MBI) which i wrote about yesterday. I sold 1 put contract against this stock. What is the game plan? I will be selling puts against this stock, but trying to avoid assignemnt. If it however happens and I get assigned or won’t be able to roll the Continue reading →

Posted by Martin February 12, 2013

MBIA Inc (MBI) and put selling

MBIA Inc (MBI) and put selling

After reviewing my current position with MBIA (MBI) I decided to take another trade with this stock. I already hold 100 shares of MBI and have a covered call written against this stock, see my previous trade here. This trade went bad originally and I was double guessing it whether it was a good joice Continue reading →

Posted by Martin January 04, 2013

New trade – MBIA Inc (MBI) covered call

A few days ago when I was considering entering my DMD trade I came across MBIA company as a potential covered call candidate. I read about that company and the news I could find were discouraging. MBIA was fighting with Bank of America about some insurance claim accusing each other from fraud. At some point Continue reading →