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Weekly Newsletter

Weekly Newsletter

Every Sunday, we will send you our weekly newsletter in which we will provide you with our economic views, analysis, research notes, and outlooks that may impact the market. We will point out interesting events that happened in the markets and or world, and we will provide you our market outlook for the near future and why we think it would go in the direction it goes.

Knowing where the market goes and when it may start reversing helps significantly when trading. It provides peace of mind. While others may be guessing and hoping, we trade what is in front of us and what the economy tells us would happen.

We cannot predict unexpected events such as black swans, but we can predict the overall trend and make that trend our friend. We review historical occurrences, analysts’ expectations, and market behavior and determine its next move. We are confident to distinguish whether a drop in the market is a drop to ignore (and buy more shares) or a drop to respect (and hedge).

We offer our newsletter for $15 a month with one month free. Try and see if this newsletter helps you to gain confidence in your trading or investing.




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