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Archive for February, 2014

Posted by Martin February 13, 2014

Caution ahead: Market bounce is breeding overconfidence

Today, I found an interesting video. It is not interesting because of the announced overconfidence on the markets that all the dividend growth and value investors probably know of, but there was one very interesting point about market participants’ behavior, which sparked my attention. Many times, I was stunned by how irrational investors can be Continue reading →

Posted by Martin February 11, 2014

Paul Craig Roberts on the US economy and paper versus physical gold

In today’s headline story, all eyes were fixed on Fed Chairwoman Janet Yellen, who delivered her first public remarks to the US House Financial-Services Committee. In addition, in a lawsuit filed on Monday, the non-profit group Better Markets has challenged the constitutionality of the $13 billion JPMorgan Chase mortgage settlement with the US Justice Department. Continue reading →

New Trade – Digital Dollars motif at Motif Investing

Today I bought another motif of my interest at Motif Investing – Digital Dollars. This Motif was created by Motif Investing. Why I bought it? The reason is the exact same why I recently bought MasterCard to my ROTH IRA account. We can see more and more people using different ways paying for their bills Continue reading →

Posted by Martin February 09, 2014

Milton Friedman – Lesson of the Pencil

I wish that many of the leftists watch this video, as today, so many are forgetting the principles of free market and think that any form of socialism, central control, or regulations is better. Well, it is not.    

Posted by Martin February 08, 2014

The Biggest Scam In The History Of Mankind – Hidden Secrets of Money

Posted by Martin February 06, 2014

New trade – MasterCard (MA) buy long stock – building my ROTH

New trade – MasterCard (MA) buy long stock – building my ROTH

Today I bought 16 shares of MasterCard (MA) stock. It was a long wanted trade, but I never did it. At first I bought Visa (V) a few days after IPO for $45 a share and a few months later I sold it for $55 a share.   (MORE: January Recap – Compounding Income)   Continue reading →

Posted by Martin February 03, 2014

Minimum wage? Yes? Then watch this!