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Archive for September, 2021

Posted by Martin September 28, 2021

Interest rates sending the stocks down

For the entire year of 2019, the interest rates were dropping like a rock and for the entire 2020, the rates were trading flat. That was a reason behind a great rally in 2020 when the high-flying, hi P/E tech stocks like EV stocks, innovation stocks, genomic stocks, 3D printing stocks, SPACS, and all stocks Continue reading →

Posted by Martin September 25, 2021

2021 Week 38 investing and trading report

The month is almost over and it was a bumpy one for sure. But our account survived the market weakness with flying colors as you will be able to see in this weekly investing and trading report. At first, when the September selling started and mainly continued for two weeks and even spilled in the Continue reading →

Posted by Martin September 23, 2021

Why selling is over, at least for now

Yesterday, I posted why selling is over on Reddit. Moderators deleted that post later during the day and I do not know why. I can only assume that it was because the post sparked so much controversy, mockery, and hatred from other users.   “Yesterday, we got an inverted hammer. That is typically a reversal Continue reading →

Posted by Martin September 18, 2021

2021 Week 37 investing and trading report

Two weeks of weakness and selling in September are behind us. It was interesting to see the indecisiveness of the markets and a constant battle between bears and bulls. But the bears-bulls war is not over yet. We need to see who will win the final battle. What we experienced was that all rallies were Continue reading →

Posted by Martin September 11, 2021

2021 Week 36 investing and trading report

The second week of September turned out to be a volatile month. After the markets hit the new all-time high last week, we lost ground and retreated. I tried to find any information on why the markets went down but the only reason I could find was the economy and Covid fear. As I will Continue reading →

Posted by Martin September 06, 2021

Dividend Growth Stocks to Accumulate in September 2021

Another month is beginning and here is a list of stocks we would like to focus on accumulating. We have the entire watch list of stocks we like but in that watch list, not all stocks are a buy. They are just candidates. We then narrow that list down to stocks we want to trade Continue reading →

Posted by Martin September 06, 2021

August 2021 $100 Challenge account review

August ended for our Challenge account. It was a successful month though. Although our account is still very young and is growing slowly, it is already showing signs of speeding up. We still hold our option position which is affecting our net-liquidation value but as the trade progresses towards expiration, it will make our Net-Liq Continue reading →

Posted by Martin September 05, 2021

2021 Week 35 investing and trading report

August is done! Another best month investing and trading dividend growth stocks and options. This month turned up to be absolutely the best as far as Net-Liq growth. This month, our net liquidating value jumped up by a whopping $7,000 dollars! This week we lost -$48.00 in options premiums. It was because of options trades Continue reading →