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Archive for October, 2022

Posted by Martin October 22, 2022


  Today, the market was definitely bullish. After an initial rally and pullback, it continued up the entire day. But the VIX is still negative showing that investors do not trust this rally and keep buying hedges. They expect this rally to fail again. But it may be tricky. They may get squeezed and we Continue reading →

Posted by Martin October 21, 2022


  The VIX structure is still in deep backwardation and the market is selling off. Nothing dramatic, but sliding. And there is no improvement. Not even the earnings season which is surprisingly good (the earnings armageddon is not happening) is not able to save the markets. Expect more selling until the VIX improves. However, the Continue reading →

Posted by Martin October 20, 2022


  On Wednesday, the markets started showing weakness and that was confirmed by the VIX futures as they were still in backwardation. Remember, the first two months of the structure of the future are what matters the most, and the first two months are clearly heading down. This indicates traders (big money) buying protection, hedging Continue reading →

Posted by Martin October 19, 2022


  On Tuesday, the market opened higher but for the entire morning, it was drifting lower. It almost closed the entire opening gap. After that, it traded slightly higher and sideways. The VIX futures term deepened its backwardation indicating that this rally has no legs. Today’s weakness in the price action is confirmed by the Continue reading →

Posted by Martin October 18, 2022


  The stock market skyrocketed on Monday again. It gained 2.63% but as you can see in the above VIX structure, the market participants remain bearish and the VIX is still in backwardation. I suspect that today’s rally will fail again unless we see continuation and change in the VIX. Until then, expect this rally Continue reading →

Posted by Martin October 15, 2022

2022 Week 41 investing and trading report

Another volatile bearish market week is behind us, and we did well trading and investing our funds. It is not an easy market, though. I struggle to maintain buying power, which sometimes forces me to sell my stocks and then buy them back on a later day. Even in this market, I keep accumulating stocks Continue reading →

Posted by Martin October 15, 2022

2022 SPX put credit spreads trading review – week 41

We traded only two SPX trades last week and one SPY butterfly adjustment. That trade may end busted. Maybe, next week I will try to adjust that trade again to squeeze some credit from it, but as of today, the trade might be just a bust. I wanted to adjust that trade to a credit Continue reading →

Posted by Martin October 09, 2022

2022 Week 40 investing and trading report

Last week when the market rallied my account recovered and it went from $52k to over $65k in a day. Then it crashed and I am pretty much back where I started. Because of this extreme volatility and bearishness out there, I didn’t do too much trading last week. But I was buying the SPXL Continue reading →

Posted by Martin October 09, 2022

2022 SPX put credit spreads trading review – week 40

Last week SPX trading started well… and then it all puked again. This is definitely a very difficult time to trade. You can get whipsawed quickly or you adopt a strategy where you maintain the trades and adjust them to stay afloat and eventually a winner in the end. Some traders open a trade, usually Continue reading →

Posted by Martin October 02, 2022

2022 Week 38-39 investing and trading report

I feel like Cathy Woods now. Her ARKK fund lost over 60% this year. My portfolio is down 50%… That is bad for my trading and investing, isn’t it? My stocks are down 18.9% for the year. The rest are losses in options. Am I worried? No. The losses are just on paper as the Continue reading →