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April gone, Yakezie up!

Proud Member of YakezieI realized I became obsessed with Yakezie challenge. Although I am tired I still strive to publish posts which hopefully can add value to my readers and show them my progress from money wasting sucker to a successful dividend investor and at the same time browsing other blogs, reading, responding and promoting them.

The obsession went thus far that I am tracking my Alexa rank and I can even create a graph indicating the progress. This turns me into a crazy person. However this is my trait a part of me and I do this almost with everything. I start tracking and recording every part of my life which matters to me.

When I was a kid, I tracked my allowance saving in the same way. My mom told me that I was as greedy as her brother, my uncle, who was doing the same thing his whole life. Now I know she meant it as a compliment :)

That reminds me a sequence from the move “Trading Places” where Mortimer tells the exact thing to his brother Randolph, that their mother told him that he was greedy and money is not everything. Randolph responded that she meant it as a compliment.

As April is gone, my Yakezie rank progressed to 258,798.

I joined the Yakezie challenge on March 1 with a starting rank of 1,798,936. Two months later I am almost at the limit to become a Yakezie member.

For that I want to thank to all my readers and visitors of this blog. Thanks for stopping by, reading my posts and commenting. I like comments from you and I am like a little child when seeing new comments pending for approval.

So once again, here is my huge THANKS to you!

14 responses to “April gone, Yakezie up!”

  1. Awesome job with your Alexa!!! Mine is hovering in the 700k+ range right now. I’m sure it will click with me one day and start dropping, but until then – I’ll take encouragement from your posts and keep trying. Great job!


  2. Congrats! I’m also addicted to tracking my alexa rank and page views. With the progress you’re making you should be under 200k in no time…it’s a great feeling once you hit that goal!

  3. I love it!!! You’ll be under 200k in no time and don’t worry you are not alone in your obsession.

  4. Irfan says:

    Congratz Martin, you are on your way to complete your challenge. Best of luck.

  5. ©congratulation on your progress so far. Another month, maybe a bit more before you break the 200K boundary. Good luck beating the challenge!

  6. Great job. I haven’t really done anything to increase my traffic. I’ve just been blogging for my own enjoyment and exploring similar sites out there, but weirdly the traffic is going incredibly rapidly! I might have to start taking this stuff seriously!

    • Martin says:

      Nick, thanks. I did the same thing before too, but lately I saw other bloggers reaching success in blogging and even claiming having online income from blogging. Some saying they live of blogging only. Although I couldn’t verify it, I believe them. So I decided to make this blog my next money making machine. And the traffic is a key to it. To get a great traffic it takes a lot of work. Blogging is darn hard thing and I never realized how hard it is mainly when blogging about finances. Many times I struggle with what to write about, since most of the topics where already written down bazillion of times. But I decided to go for it and blog about what I like (investing and trading) and make money by doing it. Hard and long way to go…

  7. Congrats on all the progress, especially in a short amount of time. That’s awesome! You’ve still got 4 months left on the challenge so I’m sure you’ll kill it. I’ve still got a ways to go but still have about 2 months left on the challenge. I miss the days of the huge changes although slowly creeping lower is great.

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