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Are all the trading mentors scam?

I must admit, majority of all sorts of gurus, mentors, sellers of all sorts of magical formulas which would make you rich overnight are scam. It is sad but this trading industry is full of charlatans and pure thieves who just go unscrupulously after your money. They are not there to help you. There are there to help themselves.

There may be a few who are honest and really want to help and teach but it is difficult to find them. Maybe because they are not aggressive in advertising their trading magic.

I myself was looking for mentors in the past, as well as for ways how to raise capital by either borrow or trade for a prop firm. The results were saddening. So, my ruling?

YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN out there.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to find anyone willing to help. Lately, you may be lucky to find people on Facebook who might be willing to teach.

Thus, you need to rely on books, free Youtube videos, and other social media to get help by asking questions and put together all the pieces of the trading puzzle you can collect out there by yourself.

Overtime, I found a good website, which writes reviews of these trading mentors and signal sellers. When browsing through the list of all the charlatans out there I could recognize many of them which are still filling out my junk box of my email although I unsubscribed. So, if you are thinking to subscribe to a service selling miracles and predictions of the future, check the Tradinchschools.org website first to see if you find your future sorcerer listed on that website and if so, what rating was “assigned” to that magician. Mostly, if you find him or her on the website, run away as fast as you can.

I found some of the charlatans I was once considering to subscribe such as Jason Bond Pick. He even has two funny reviews on the website. It was amusing to read how this guru made $26,000,000 dollars trading penny stocks and yet he needs to peddle his scam and fake Harvard University speech invitation. I found the Harvard fake invitation story especially entertaining.

Or another joker, magician, and trading savior listed on the website Teeka Tiwari. I remember, I once watched his promotional video (I no longer remember what actually it was about). Fortunately, he made is so boring and long, that I stopped watching it soon after it started wondering who actually has guts and time wasting it with this loser.

The website was created by a former scammer himself, Emmett Moore, who engaged in a similar fraud as Jordan Belfort (Wolf of Wall Street) and was convicted and went to prison. After he was released, he started his blog doing his reviews (and if you want you can submit your own request to have him review your potential magical road to riches provider too).

Funny part, which makes me feel Moore is legit is that some of the reviewed scammers (Day Trade Academy) started a website with Emmett Moore’s name in the domain name saying:

“Emmett Moore saw the success Day Trade Academy was having and knew he’d be able to extort them out of money. In turn, Moore wrote a fake and defamatory blog post about the trading program, where he lies non stop about individual people’s personal history.”

This is so laughable and in fact proving that Moore was right exposing Day Trading Academy as scam because if someone’s bad review forces you to use the accuser’s name in the domain and whine about it all on the website, and how damaging the report was, instead of providing enough evidence and proof to the accuser proving him or her wrong and explaining the matter on your own website makes me (using common sense) to think that the exposed scammer shouts out laud now, something like a thief crying: “Thief, catch the thief!”

It is similar that if this poor blog, Hello Suckers, writes something about Wall Street Journal and Wall Street Journal gets offended and starts a new website named hellosuckersscammabout usthewallstreetjournal.com and asks everyone to join them with a class action. My guts still hurt laughing.

And now, since you know that all the scammers out there, you can contact me for my magical formula to get rich in 5 days trading options. I will send you my bank account immediately.

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