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Bull Put Spread against SPX expired for 6.38% profit

Although yesterday the trading looked dramatic, no actual drama has happened today and our SPX bull put spread we put out on Wednesday with strikes at 2080/2085 expired worthless for a full profit of a received credit (our subscribers and I realized 6.38% profit this week). If we will be able to maintain such profit every week, our trading might end at more than 300% profit for the year.

Let’s see if that happens.

Below is the summary chart of my SPX weekly expectations – at the beginning of the week up to yesterday’s and today’s trading. I was wrong on volatility but was right on the max high level of the market calling it $2118 while we hit $2119 mark.

SPX predictions

Volatility dried last week making this an easy trade. Let’s see what we can expect next week. There is one thing for sure – the trend weakened significantly and from the short term perspective we are looking at possible reversal and retest of $2100 price level next week.

We will see on Monday and Tuesday next week. We may open a new trade either on Tuesday or Wednesday next week.

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