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The market is ripping it off rallying again

Account Net-Liq: $5,259.26
SPX value: 3,257.30

Another day with large gains and I do not see where do they come from. Another frustrating day where the market goes up 1%+ or down 1%+ and sometimes more. Where are the days where the market went up and down 0.30% and we considered it a huge gain?
I had to roll my SPX calls up again, but it was costly this time. It needed about $0.95 debit to roll it higher. So I decided to roll the put side higher too. Not much confident about it because if this market tanks again I have lost all the cushion built up recently. But, on the other hand, rolling everything down is favorable, at least it used to be. Only 10 days for this SPX trade and I may have saved it… The question, of course, is at what cost?
Other trades are doing well so far. I like my IWM performance, making nice profits already. XLE trade seems to be working well too. I hope, these trades will keep perform and make cash needed to grow the account.

I really wish all this picks up and I build my passive income really fast.

SPX 2020

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