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Coronavirus fear overblown. Load up anytime Wall Street freaks out.

Apple (AAPL) said that they will not meet the revenue guidance due to Coronavirus and market participants pooped their pants again.

Futures down 0.45% (now recovered a bit to -0.34%). This virus is an old news. Come up with something else.

I do not want to belittle the death of people, but just in the US itself, more people die from a common flu (influenza) than this Coronavirus and no one is freaking out about it, pooping their pants, claiming that companies will not meet their outlooks, and overall global economic slowdown?

This is totally overblown. But, I will gladly take any dip and buy it. Once these idiots realize they are freaking about nothing and chasing themselves back into the market, I will be loaded up.

Corona deaths vs Flue

2 responses to “Coronavirus fear overblown. Load up anytime Wall Street freaks out.”

  1. CS says:

    Picture should specify that it is deaths in the world as of a certain date. The table next to it misleads those who don’t check validity of information into thinking that the U.S. has had that many deaths, when there have only been 75.
    PS why no mass hysteria for the much more infectious H1N1 that had 1-2 million infected 2-3 months into its outbreak??
    Seems like the only thing spreading is the Trump Derangement Syndrome that the media has had over the last 4 years nonstop. Seriously calling this trumpvirus?! While praising Obama for doing nothing until 1000 people were dead. Smh.

    • Martin says:

      The picture is relevant to the date of publishing and no, these numbers in it are not worldwide deaths but the deaths in the United States only. That is how many people die from influenza every year only in the US compared to Coronavirus worldwide (at the time of publishing). Source is CDC. I think it is clearly known that the picture is comparing total mortality of Coronavirus with influenza US deaths alone since at the time of publishing, there were no deaths in the US and only about 10 cases of Coronavirus. So, if only in the US about 38,000 people died in the US only (worldwide it was some 680,000 people) from influenza last year, why no one was closing businesses, stores, buying out all toilet paper, and freaking out?

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