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DeVry (DV) regains its strength

DeVry (DV) gapped up today on the positive news. It is confirming its volatile attitude and strong growth type of stock. The strong uptrend remains intact driven up by institutional money and positive outlook of educational stocks although with some caution and good stop management in place. Today all educational companies rose after improved rating from analysts. First Oppenheimer changed its target price up to $75 per share and today Credit Suisse AG increased their rating to outperform and raised the target price to $75 too.


If you are thinking of buying this stock, I would however wait for couple of days for the next development. The stock is now hyped up and tomorrow it may tend to go to close the gap and may fall down. I would like to see a confirmation of this break out. I would place a buy order a few ticks above today’s price high and lower it every day with the stock. if it continues falling and close the gap on high volume I wouldn’t buy, but if it turns back up, the stock should pick you up on its way up and provide you with some lift. Well, this is at least what I would do here.


I am still watching Stryker Corporation (SYK) and as of today, it is down about 1%. I am planning on using similar strategy as what I said above in regards to DV. I will be trailing the buy order down with the stock price as long as the buy set up continues. The fair value of the stock seems to be at $72 a share so the stock has a potential for growth.

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