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Don’t waste money on $4,000+ seminars with bites for more $$$ seminars

Just now, I have come across an announcement on Youtube about a never ever before and never ever in the future offered trading seminar with pre-lockdown and post-lockdown prices… “literally you get 50% off”…

So I went to the website, announcing such a great deal, to check those pre-lockdown and after-lockdown, never seen prices, and the seminars ranged from $997 to $3,997… Great discounts!

Are you kidding me?

computer trading

And then, I read the comments under the video. I thought I was dreaming, well, I couldn’t believe what I have read. Thank you letters. We are saving for your seminar, 75% saved! Love and respect! Glad to be here! Glad to hand you my hard-earned money for learning what I can learn on the internet for free!

Are you kidding me again?

Well, this is really good and I bet these are great seminars! Unfortunately, not for you! It is great for seminar peddlers. No matter how great those seminars are, no matter how great the trader offering it is, DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!

You won’t learn anything that is free on the internet. There is no secret, no magic formula, no short cut to riches. No magic seminar won’t make you rich quick.

If you could save $4,000 for a questionable seminar, then take that money and put them to work on your own. Don’t throw them out of the window for a good feeling that you might become a great trader on Friday afternoon and quit jor job on Monday morning because you attended a seminar for $4,000 of the dead Presidents! It doesn’t work that way! You throw the money out of the window and then start saving money to put the seminar knowledge in practice? Is that your strategy? Before you save another, at least, $5,000 to trade, you will forget everything you might have learned in the seminar and you would have to start over. And even if you remember everything from the seminar, in the end, you will learn that you need to purchase another, never before offered seminar for $8,000 per day with the guru himself watching over your shoulder. But, it will not be the guru himself but his left-hand associate because if you really need a guru himself to teach you personally, you have to buy a $50,000 personal coaching course…

Don’t be a fool!

I thought that these days in the era of free, no commissioning trading, people can learn and trade on their own. Yet, peddlers are still making their millions selling holy grails to fools.

Trading, or investing in the stock market is about things no one will be ever able to teach you but only you yourself. You need to put an effort to learn to trade. If you are really interested in this business, go to the internet, start searching topics you are interested in and learn on your own.

Are you interested in options?

Then search topics about “how to trade options”.

Are you interested in stocks?

Then search topics about “how to trade stocks”.

Are you interested in dividend investing?

Then search topics “how to invest in dividend stocks”.

Are you interested in forex?

Then search topics “how to trade forex”… or commodities, or futures, or anything on this planet… but you have to learn it yourself. And you can learn it for free, or a smaller cost than $4,000 for a seminar.

(Photo by Windows and Toni Koraza on Unsplash)

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