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Expiration Friday, trade exit – Safeway (SWY) – put selling (1.21% gain)

Almost a month ago I opened this put selling trade against Safeway , see the trade here, and I wanted to be conservative since the stock ran up too much and I was expecting drop. I still am expecting it, so I may continue in being conservative when selecting my next trade.

Well, this option expired worthless today and I can keep the premium I received when opening the trade. I keep $35 dollars and now I can sell another put for next month.

This trade delivered me a profit of 1.21% or 22.02% annualized gain. Next week I will open a new put selling trade against SWY as long as I collect enough money to buy shares of this stock or get assigned.

As far as of this writing I collected $255.00 dollars so far. At current Safeway price, my cost basis would be $30.81 a share.

3 responses to “Expiration Friday, trade exit – Safeway (SWY) – put selling (1.21% gain)”

  1. Tim says:

    I reviewed your trades and I like your options trading. It is like receiving dividends on any stock.

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