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Friday Weeklys Expiration SPX, GOOGL, NFLX

Tomorrow is an expiration day for weekly options. We have a few trades which are set to expire tomorrow and most of them will do so.

We had an Iron Condor against SPX, but our call side of the Condor got breached and we decided to move it away in time and converted it into a bull put spread. Now that side is a bullish trade and we have a new full month to deal with it.

The put side of the Condor will expire worthless tomorrow for a full profit of that spread.

We also had a bear call spread against SPX, which may expire worthless if the market stays below 1965 strike price. During this week the market moved rapidly against us and we need to watch this trade carefully tomorrow to see if it expires or we need to adjust it.

We had a bull put spread against GOOGL, which will expire worthless tomorrow.

Our last trade set to expire tomorrow was a bull put spread against NFLX. That trade will also expire worthless for a full profit.

If those trades expire tomorrow, we will realize a full profit of $292.00 (2.04%) in 5 days.

It is nice to have such gain every week!

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Have a great and Happy Friday and good luck trading stocks and options.

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