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My Goal for 2018


My goal is simple – continue trading mechanically, like a robot, trade more and small trades. Perfect my patience and discipline trading according to rules and strive to stay away from trades which would cause over trading or imply discomfort as sometimes I tend to jump the gun.

My IRA account is well on track with this and my goal is to maintain $2,000 monthly income in this account and building dividend growth portfolio. Reach $120,000 by the end of 2018.

My ROTH account needs improvement as I have a few bad trades in it, so I will focus on managing them and eventually remove them by the end of the year either as small winners or break even trades. I want to reach $300 monthly income in 2018 (I have only about $4,000 cash available for options trading in this account all else is in long dividend stocks).

My TD trading account is full of mess right now. I have too many bad trades in it, so my goal is again to manage them and eventually remove them. Also start trading small trades to start generating income. I will be happy for at least $100 monthly income in this account, preservation of the account value, and removal bad trades as either winners or break even trades. If losses are taken then they must be offset by other winning trades. My goal is to be able to remove majority of the bad trades and raise available cash to $5,000 by the end of 2018.

TW60 account is a new margin account and I dedicated it to Jesus Christ and our church. I am a strong believer in generating everlasting income so if I can choose whether to donate money which are spent and gone for good or invest them and generate income on that money which can be then spent forever, I would choose the latter one. So in 2018 I am starting with $300 account value (I know it is a very small one) and slowly trading it up and donate all proceeds from the account. Later on I plan on asking the church to open a tax free account and I will move this money to that account but before I do so, I want to have a track record for them to show.

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