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My inspiration in the last week #34

I often browse the internet to find ideas about investing, trading stocks, options, investing opportunities and strategies. I like to read about investors and what their investing/trading approach to create income you can live on is.



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8 responses to “My inspiration in the last week #34”

  1. […] Patrick Russo of  DepositAccounts.com I published on Money Counselor, made Martin’s “My inspiration in the last week #34” at Hello Suckers. On behalf of Patrick, thanks […]

  2. thx for the mention Martin!

    It wasn’t fun selling my stocks but it was the right thing to do!

    • Martin says:

      Mike, I know, but as you said. Sometimes it is necessary step to do. Many times I also had a hard time departing some of my stocks from the portfolio and I know how difficult it can be. But I always try to tell myself that money sitting in that stock can do better elsewhere, so let’s reallocate, right?

  3. Kurt @ Money Counselor says:

    Thanks for mentioning my post, “To Save Enough Start Early”, much appreciated!

  4. Rita P says:

    Thanks for the mention and encouragement. Glad you liked it

  5. Thanks for the mention. I am with you on seeking out more knowledge on investing. The more you know, the more successful you will be.

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