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New Purchase for dividend income

Bought 5 BIF shares @ 9.24
Bought 5 ETJ shares @ 9.11

We keep ing these CEF funds for income as both pay decent dividend.

Boulder Growth & Income Fund, Inc. (BIF) pays 0.41 annual dividend (4.44% yield). The fund invests in dividend paying equities and fixed income papers (bonds) worldwide and its goal is dividend income. The fund constantly trades below its NAV value (usually -16% discount) so, in my opinion it is a good vehicle to invest for dividend income. However, the fund is non-diversified and highly invested in small number of equities. To some, this may be a problem. I do not mind it. The fund has been around since 1972 and annualized return is about 6%. However, note that the return is not the primary goal of the fund. The primary goal is income. The fund uses no leverage.

Eaton Vance Risk-Managed Diversified Equity Income Fund (ETJ) pays 0.91 annual dividend (10.09% yield). The fund invests in the US equities, majority of them pay dividends. It also buys SPX out of the money puts while selling out of the money calls against it (a collar strategy) which provides a cheap downside protection for the fund (note, the price decline, you may see on the chart, is the investors overreaction and not a NV decline. The NAV is protected by the long SPX puts). The fund is also income oriented and trades at discount -3.21% to NAV. The fund uses no leverage.

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