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Picks 04/06 – 04/10

No [tag]new picks[/tag].

There is nothing to buy out there.

Existing holdings:

100% CASH

Contribution this week: $0

Starting account value = $2,009.80

Account value = $2,009.80 (without margin)

Buying power = $2,009.80

[tag]Portfolio Gain/loss[/tag] this week = 0.00%

[tag]Portfolio[/tag] Gain/Loss for APRIL 2009 = 0.00%

Portfolio Gain/loss since inception = -17.62%

[tag]Annual Return[/tag] (CAGR): -17.62%

Recently the stock market was growing and provided very strong gains for the entire month. However, it still didn’t provide any stock – leader in which it would be worth investing. I am still holding the portfolio in 100% cash and waiting for the rally confirming itself and providing leaders breaking up. It seems that if the current trend survives and leaders start breaking out, it would be time for small probe positions. I may transfer my cash from savings account back to my investing account soon.

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