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Picks 09/22 – 09/26

No new picks.

Existing holdings:

Symbol Qty Last Gain($) Gain(%)
AFAM 7 41.25 17.36 6.40
BABY 12 22.04 -25.32 -8.74
PEGA 19 12.99 -38.76 -13.57
WCG 6 36.00 -41.40 -16.08

Contribution this week: $0

Starting account value = $2,072.34

Account value = $1,990.88 (without margin)

Buying power = $974.84

Portfolio Gain/loss this week = -3.93%

Portfolio Gain/Loss for SEPTEMBER 2008 = -5.89%

Portfolio Gain/loss since inception = -6.95%

Annual Return (CAGR): -6.95%

This week the market was pretty volatile. The entire value of the account dropped below $2,000, which is the limit for a margin. The margin was suspended until the balance rises back above this limit. Until then I adjusted my portfolio loss control plan to reflect this new buying power. No new trades shall be opened since the new settings show that the portfolio is over-invested. The portfolio also exceeded maximum amount allowed to risk. I will wait what would be the market direction next week and either contribute some funds to the portfolio or sell some positions to reduce risk.

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