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Picks 09/28 – 10/02

New stock picks this week:


Existing & new holdings:

Symbol Qty Last Gain($) Gain(%)
FUQI 3 26.33 -8.01 -9.21
MED 6 19.42 6.49 5.90
STEC 3 26.77 -15.09 -15.81

Contribution this week: $0

Current capital exposure: -3.13%     Learn more

New positions available to open: 0     Learn more

Starting account value = $1,735.29

Account value = $1,679.39 (without margin)

Buying power = $1,403.57

[tag]Portfolio Gain/loss[/tag] this week = -3.22%

[tag]Portfolio[/tag] Gain/Loss for OCTOBER 2009 = -4.31%

Portfolio Gain/loss for 2009 = -27.29%

[tag]Annual Return[/tag] (CAGR): -34.32%

This week was the weakest one since the rally started. It seems the market may be entering into a correction. The job loss data hit stocks hard and as I expected some stocks were dragged down by the market. Visa has been stopped out and I am expecting further fall next week. I have no trades available to open, so I will be waiting aside and keep my stop loss orders tight. Let’s see how the market will react the next week and deal with the economic data.

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