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Quarterly reporting

August is over. My trading was in a “damage control” mode as my trades got whipsawed. I made money, but not as much as I wished for. I also adjusted my trades to long term trades (45-60 DTE), although I take 0-2 DTE trades too but very little. I also reduced amount of trades to prevent damage from the erratic market moves. Now, I use long term trades’ credits to adjust my short term trades which are in bad shape (to either close them or roll them and all debits are offset by long term credits).

September is historically bearish month (with few exceptions), and given the escalated trade war, I think we are heading to an interesting month. I expect bearish month this year.

However, I also decided to report my progress and never ending struggle of trading options on a quarterly basis as I have a lot to do and not much time writing. My a bit detailed report will be out at the end of September 2019.

Good luck all! Trade small and stay safe.

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