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SPX trend expectation for the next week

Last week trading was within my expectations. Thursday trading was a small pullback based on the previous strong rally. That small pullback had a small impact on my trades, but nothing too dramatic and nothing hard to handle, although my profits weren’t as expected thanks to necessary adjustment.

In my quest to assess where the market would go next I am posting my expectation for the next week.

The market is still in a full swing up to higher levels. No matter what zig-zag we may see during the week, the trend is still intact and strong up.

The chart below indicates my overall view for the next week to the next month:

SPX trend

The last candle indicate a strong push up. We may see a small retreat again tomorrow, but overall the trend is still up approaching 2120 resistance. Will we break that resistance or will it push the market lower? Although we may see some choppiness around this level, overall I believe the market will be able to break this level and at least in the next two weeks we will see a strong rally up.

Why I think this rally will continue up? Look at the chart below. This clearly indicates that we are in the middle of an upswing. Both the price chart is uninterrupted in an upswing and MACD just performed a bullish crossover. Even if the crossover and move of the MACD will be miniscule it will still provide a few days of strong move up before we may see a reversal.

SPX trend

Unless something fundamental changes the market, such as very bad data from the technical perspective, there is nothing what would change this trend. Fundamentally, we have a few events being reported next week such as CPI index, jobless claims, and GDP report which may move the market. However, last reports didn’t move markets that much and even if the reports come out weak, the investors will most likely see it as affirmation of FED not raising the rates and that would move the markets up even more (if we assume the same ridicule behavior of last when bad news are good news).

Below is my expectation for Monday. I left my Friday projection on to see how accurate it was. Well, I expected the market to go higher, yet my expectation of the move was totally off. We rallied premarket very strong and then the entire trending was sideways with a small sell off at the end. We still finished Friday up.

SPX expected move

For tomorrow I expect the markets to be somewhat weak (based on MACD expected move) and at the end of the day we may rally again. Also we may see the entire Monday down a bit and resumed rally on Tuesday. It depends on how the MACD swing would look like. Most likely we will return back to the trend line, but may stay in its upper portion.

Let’s see how accurate this would be.

Happy trading!

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