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Remember your objective, your goal, your plan, and hold tight

As expected markets were even worse on Monday than on Friday. It was scary, but there is no need to panic. Ignore all bears who are coming out of all directions screaming that this is it, this is the end, and this is the beginning of an even bigger crash! It is not. I can Continue reading →

Is the US heading to another recession?

Is the US heading to another recession?

It looks like some analysts and investors are slowly turning bearish on the market. Is this the end of our spectacular and long bull trend? We haven’t experienced too many corrections or significant correction lately and it looks like the market had a spectacular and uninterrupted run up. Take a look at SPY 5 year Continue reading →

Last week trading – is the outlook for April still bright?

A week ago trading was about trend continuation. At least I saw it that way and I could see markets breaking thru marking this bull trend as intact. The entire last week markets were confirming my assumptions and all my accounts were growing. It was a filthy grow and I made quite nice cash. Well, Continue reading →

Posted by Martin October 04, 2011

S&P 500 enters a bear territory

Experienced traders and investors analyzing markets on daily basis knew this in the beginning of August 2011. The market started this process of reversal in February 2011. we went sideways and we were creating a head and shoulders pattern (see my previous posts speaking about it during June and July, when this was becoming more Continue reading →