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Trade adjustment – Carlyle Group (CG)

Trade adjustment - Carlyle Group (CG)

On 8/22/2014 I opened a put selling trade against Carlyle Group (CG). I sold 2 put contracts to collect premiums. Here is the trade detail: STO 1 CG Dec14 30 put @ 1.10 LIMIT GTC Later, after opening the trade it turned against me. I wasn’t panicking and continued sitting tight to see the outcome. Continue reading →

Posted by Martin September 23, 2011

Agribusiness ETF (MOO) a long term trade with income stream

In many of my previous posts I mentioned that I like my investments to create income, which can be used for further investments. There is an ETF which can provide this opportunity. It is Agrobusiness ETF (MOO) and it trades in a channel and it touched its lower boundary of the range. It is highly Continue reading →