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Posted by Martin June 14, 2016

Just for the record: Will the market (S&P 500) reach 2,400 this year?

Today, we saw the market in its third day of selling, falling hard off of the highs and increasing fear among investors and speculators. Yet I could find one who was optimistic enough to claim that the selling is far over and that the market will actually go a lot higher in a matter of Continue reading →

Friday Weeklys Expiration SPX, GOOGL, NFLX

Friday Weeklys Expiration SPX, GOOGL, NFLX

Tomorrow is an expiration day for weekly options. We have a few trades which are set to expire tomorrow and most of them will do so. We had an Iron Condor against SPX, but our call side of the Condor got breached and we decided to move it away in time and converted it into Continue reading →

New Trade – Bull Put Spreads against Twitter (TWTR)

New Trade - Bull Put Spreads against Twitter (TWTR)

Twitter (TWTR) – a stock I have always looked at with disrespect, because it does nothing, it creates nothing, it delivers nothing. It is worthless. It only allows people to waste their time online. That was what I thought about this stock and many times I told myself that I would never invest in a Continue reading →

Trade adjustment – Carlyle Group (CG)

Trade adjustment - Carlyle Group (CG)

On 8/22/2014 I opened a put selling trade against Carlyle Group (CG). I sold 2 put contracts to collect premiums. Here is the trade detail: STO 1 CG Dec14 30 put @ 1.10 LIMIT GTC Later, after opening the trade it turned against me. I wasn’t panicking and continued sitting tight to see the outcome. Continue reading →