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Create your own mutual fund

This post was originally published on July 28, 2013   Have you been investing in mutual funds your whole investing career but recently you were thinking what it would look like if you start investing into individual stocks? Maybe your very first thought was diversification. Your account is still small and you won’t be able Continue reading →

Mutual Funds is Good for Starters

This is a guest post by Jeremias. He introduced himself. My knowledge regarding stocks or investments I would say is quite on the average compared to people on the same age as I am, 15 years old. My parents introduced me to mutual funds when I was seven years old and I place money there Continue reading →

Posted by Martin January 27, 2013

Why I dumped mutual funds from my investing strategy

Why I dumped mutual funds from my investing strategy

I no longer believe in mutual funds. Earlier I thought they were a great investment vehicle, because they can provide diversification. But is it really such a significant trait of the funds that it can beat mutual funds flaws? People, those slightly informed about investing, know that generally, 95% of mutual funds do not exceed Continue reading →