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The market is trending up again, will it sustain?

It seems like investors are finally realizing that nothing goes down forever (as well as nothing growths up forever) and start buying stocks again. However I still would be cautious. This rally may not sustain if more bad news and panicking comes in. It is OK buying stable stocks such as large cap companies (which are not so volatile), dividend paying companies, or mutual funds. Buying highly speculative stocks, or small caps would be still dangerous. It depends on your strategy.

In my ROTH IRA I will be still buying during this time since I am buying large caps, good quality value stocks. In my trading account I am postponing all trades as long as I find a good opportunity to buy.

I am also changing the market status into “Rally Attempt” and let’s see the following weeks if the market starts running up again for longer period than just a few weeks.

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