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The market keeps struggling, but it’s good folks!

The market struggles to find the ground. A few bounce attempts failed. We are currently down -1.56% and it seems we are heading towards 200 DMA.



But this is ultimately a good thing, providing this market with a much needed correction. We rallied up hard with no break or pullbacks and we need to correct this craziness. Just make sure, you trade conservatively to preserve capital.

I keep accumulating cheap stocks (and there are many to choose from) and if this market keeps sliding, more cheap stocks will pop up.

We are 21 days into the correction of 10% as of today. You may expect this to be up to 15% correction (it seems like we are heading that way) or we may even enter a 20% bear market. But nothing goes down forever and I am preparing my ammunition for a potential reversal and buying stocks on sale.

Good luck and stay safe!

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