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Weekly Results – Feb 23, 2018

Weekly Results

Our IRA account is fully recovered by now. Unless something bad happens again, our monthly chart record will look like no correction ever happened.

This is what every investor and trader should do – never panic, never over react; have your plan, strategy in place and let others to panic and scream. You execute your plan with cold head.

February provided a great return so far. The crazy selling and later recovery allowed us to trade downtrend as well as the uptrend and make money both directions. So far, February was our best trading month making $5,110 dollars and we still have one week to go.

Part of our plan is to use 50% of options income to purchase dividend growth stocks (aristocrats) and grow our account two fold – with dividends and options.

Usually, we buy the stocks on monthly basis but this time we were buying weekly to take advantage of the sell off and buy cheap. We purchased shares in the last two weeks and we purchased dividend growth stocks this week too.

Last week we bought:

Bought 3 MCD @ 157.00
Bought 5 WMT @ 93.75

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