Posted by Martin March 27, 2019

You will never please everyone… not at Wall Street

I borrowed this from Chris’s twitter: You often hear “when the Fed is raising rates, it is bad for stocks”, [it is bearish]. Now with the possibility of future rate cuts, we hear “you do not want to be long stocks when the Fed starts cutting rates,” [it is bearish].   You often hear "when Continue reading →

Posted by Martin March 27, 2019

Topping pattern?

The market was doing well in the morning but at about 10 am MT it went into a spiraling selloff. After the fact, the media told us why. Great to know, now I can sleep better. But later on the market started recovering the loss. The market lost -1.34% intraday. It recovered a bit and Continue reading →

Posted by Martin March 27, 2019

Global growth worries are back, OMG, everybody panic!

Market now down 30 points (-0.95%). Same old song. Media tell us that it was because of global growth worries. But that has been known issue for about a year now. What we are seeing in my opinion is a simple consolidation process. We rallied hard from December 2018 lows. Impressive rally! But there was Continue reading →

Posted by Martin March 25, 2019

Market performed well given the economic fears but what’s next?

I think, today’s market performance was somewhat promising. Of course, it may be all over tomorrow but given the Friday’s sudden economic growth worries causing the market dropping 1.8% would be propagating into today’s trading. Or are investors no longer worried? Or are the worries actually a BS? Of course, we do not know answers Continue reading →

Posted by Martin March 05, 2019

Are we stuck below resistance and heading lower?

The market seems to have a lack of strength (not enough buyers) at 2800 level to break and move higher. Fortunately, bears do not have enough power to push the market lower either. You can see that, so far, every selloff has been bought up; but this strength seems to be weakening every day. Unfortunately, Continue reading →

Posted by Martin February 02, 2019

January 2019 trading and investing results

S&P 500  2,706.53 +199.68 (+7.96%)  Dow 30  25,063.89 +1,736.43 (+7.44%)  Nasdaq  7,263.87 +628.59 (+9.47%)   I just finished reporting December 2018 and we are again at the end of another month. True, I reported December late. January started off slow, but ended up well. Our accounts are up and recovering from last year slaughter. But Continue reading →

Posted by Martin January 27, 2019

December 2018 and end of year trading and investing results

S&P 500  2,506.85 -253.32(-9.18)  Dow 30  23,327.46 -2,211(-8.66%)  Nasdaq  6,635.28 -695.26(-9.48%)   December 2018 passed and it is time to once again provide a report on our trading and investing. The month turned to be the worst month ever. Historically, December was a good month with modest gains but this year, the markets lost almost Continue reading →

Posted by Martin January 10, 2019

Johnson & Johnson boosts prices on top-selling drugs

Joining a number of other drugmakers this month, Johnson & Johnson (NYSE:JNJ) raised prices on about two dozen prescription drugs today, including top sellers Stelara (for psoriasis), Zytiga (for prostate cancer) and blood thinner Xarelto. Most increases were in the 6-7% range, Reuters notes. The company says average list price increase on its drugs will Continue reading →

Posted by Martin January 02, 2019

Hedging credit spreads

Recently, well, in 2018, I started using hedges for my credit spreads. I wasn’t using hedging much in the past because I wasn’t sure how to use them properly and how to manage them. So I avoided them. Thus 2018 year was somewhat revolutionary to my trading as I learned using them. So the old Continue reading →

Posted by Martin January 01, 2019

33% draw down in 2018

  2018 year turned out to be volatile and as I expected all our accounts saw a quite large draw down. But I am not grumpy about it nor regret anything I have done and the way I traded, except on my TD account. I now regret closing bad trades in January 2018 and collecting Continue reading →